Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Jezebel #J, #AtozChallenge

Her own Gods
Her own idols
She refused to decline

She plotted murder
She instigated prophets 
Built temple and shrine

She propelled her man
She fought for his kingship
Stood forever by his side

She stood her ground
She died like a queen
They christened her whore

The Jezebel of Israel
Died thousands years ago
Yet Jezebels die today too

Queen Jezebel of Israel was considered a dominating , scheming and murderous harlot. She refused to give up her Phoenician beliefs and idolatry after her political marriage to King Ahaab. In turn she convinced him to worship her God Baal. She was hated by Israelites, the followers of Yahweh, who, they considered The only God.
She held on to her beliefs till she was killed by Jehu, an army commander after a couple and thrown to the dogs.
As she chose to dress up like a queen and painted her eyes and face ,it was believed by some that she tried to ensnare Jehu with her charm this forever associating her name with prostitution and harlotry, without any concrete proof. 

I personally believe that she was akin to our modern day women, probably the first woman who fought for her rights and died fighting for them. She chose make up as it was associated with dignity raising her above the ordinary women, making he appear the Queen that she was till the end. 

Today also women who have a voice, an opinion and who fight for their rights as mostly generalised as women with loose moral values, modern Jezebels. 

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