Saturday, May 31, 2014

Let it Be!!

A vague connection
That led you to me
a latent spark
that fired two hearts

A kindred bond
between our two souls
An unbridled attraction
Entangling us for life

A heartening tie
That refuses to weaken
and brings me peace
calm, joy and happiness

A river flowing its course
With waters pure pristine
Fresh, cool and life giving
We flow with the flow of love

I could go on and on
Describe it in words
But to put a name to it
Will make it common

I refuse to inquire
Lets give up the inquiry
Not give it more thought
Let us just let it be!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Poems

My poems are words

Which meant for someone

The whole world reads

And I only hope they reach

That soul's cosmic realms

When they beat in human hearts

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I once had fire in me, all had seen it
Yes it had made me aglow with hope
It had burnt in me, fueled my soul
to surge high, like a hot-air balloon

Then your love, my ultimate folly
smothered it down, put it out
My heart grew soft and green
A lovely bloom there bloomed

Your disdain re-kindled the smoulder
Like the earth I trembled and settled
time and again,from my unseen wounds
my blood lava flowed and spluttered

The fire still glows unseen
It now burns me within, my veins glow
It is vaulted in my core, I am volcanic
One day when it erupts and annihilates me

Don't act foolish and touch me
Presume that I am harmless still
My body though would be cold and white
still I know your fingers it will surely scald

Don't light my pyre, beware, I forbid you
It wont burn if you do, wont catch fire
Let my only flower do the onerous task
and let him blow my ashes into the air.

Friday, May 23, 2014


The other day I was teaching words to a student and he asked me what Passion meant?

For a moment I was baffled …I didn’t know how to explain a word and believe you me, it rarely happens. How do you explain passion, a word that has so much emotion attached to it? The intensity cannot be explained. I then told him that it was an abstract noun like love or hate for that matter but it signified more intense feeling. Lust is also a passion for that matter

Passion is one’s ardour or desire for someone. Let’s first deconstruct this myth that in coveting that person we love him or her, instead we tend to objectify that individual and from there stems my dislike for this kind of passion. Having exercised the same when young I realized that it was disastrous; disastrous not only to the relationship but also to one’s own self worth.  Not only does it take away the other person’s freedom and sense of individuality but also it makes you dependent and less ambitious. So this one has to be kept in check, the passion I feel should be directed to the relationship, keeping it alive and interesting and not towards the person.

Passion for things material is still more destructive; it puts you into harness and never lets you relax. The mad fury for money and things it can buy drives you into a pursuit which leaves you burnt out and empty. In order to pursue the ‘good things in life’ or rather the best things in life one first ignores and then forgets the simple pleasures of life. We ignore our parents, friends, spouse and children in this mad rat-race and by the time we realize that it was all futile, its too late. Passion for your work and ambition is natural and appreciable too; but the mad rush and greed is ignoble and avoidable too. I was exposed to this kind of cut-throat competitive world in the B-school. That I was appalled would be putting it too mildly, I was flummoxed , felt out of place and miserable and realized very early on that I would never succeed in the man-eat-man business world.

Another kind of passion is your passion for the finer joys of life, reading, music, meditation, dance, sport, painting, sculpting and much more. This passion can be enjoyed unbridled. It brings you satisfaction and pleasure. It keeps you calm and gives your natural abilities and charm a fillip. Ask a painter how he loves to see his hands covered with paint blotches, a sculptor who loves the aroma of wet mud or a book lover who touches the yellowed pages of an old book with tender love and care. Blessed are those who can find a vocation in their suchlike passions. Their paintings come alive, their sculptures speak and their books are their friends.

I find myself fortunate to be able to direct my passion to my work. It made me consider my life-partner his own individual self with his own pursuits and interests. Also I found satisfaction and pleasure though not too much money in writing, reading and teaching. It gave a certain meaning to my life and I a degree of satisfaction which I am sure I could never have achieved in any other walk of life. Any attempt to deviate still falls flat.  I gained peace and calm and now am heading towards a more spiritual and an easy to live in world. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

A Living Shell

Stark Room
Cold Bed
Wet Pillow
Bloodshot Eyes
and A Shattered Dream

Living Shell
Deadened Heart
Empty Mind
Listless Limbs
and A Fettered Soul

Life Runs
Love Stops
We Walk
They Call
and An Ongoing Circus

Friday, May 2, 2014


no tune or song
no poem or lyric
no book or words
no phrase or quote

this aching void

this constant ache
this lone dry tear
this silent scream

nothing obliterates

nothing diminishes
And I live on,
Unable to let go