Wednesday, April 4, 2018

DayDreams #D, #AtoZChallenge

A warm wave in the cold dark sea
With undercurrents of bold heat
You have transformed my storm
Into a vibrant hued happy rainbow

A promise of sunshine and warmth 
Of blue skies,fair weather and love
You have unfurled my drooping sails
To steer me towards the horizon

A new course with promise of adventure
My vessel rises and falls with the waves
And you have roused in my barren heart
A daydream lasting for a whole lifetime 

The poem above is for my dear husband. He is the most important relationship in my life. He is someone who holds my ship steady and life in balance, someone who gave me so much love and care that I forgot all my troubles and who made me discover that life is not just struggle and strife. He is calm and a content man who has his head in the right place, a perfect foil for a volatile me.
Sometimes all the pain in your life is wiped off with a single loving kiss. I love you Navin for being my panacea.