Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Story Cookpot

A writers dilemma : just poured itself out in verse form. Poems come more easily to me !!

Hey friends hark!!
A story is in the making
Its still brewing in the cook pot
Have added the main characters
Now flavours and dressing are it's lot..
What should I cook?
Something delicate or fragrant
Or something spicy and hot,
Something sweet and sugary
Or something with sauces fraught?
What should I write?
Should I make it lighthearted
Or go with a serious thought
Should love be its central theme
or should life be it's plot?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Am I really Strong?

Am I strong, resilient, dogged even?

I have been appreciated by many with these words since Raman passed away. Some find it appreciable that I am facing a life-changing and decisive event with strength. Others find it strange that I am able to laugh, smile and dress up. Still some other find it objectionable that I am not shedding copious tears at the sudden and irreparable loss. They ask each other whether I have I taken it lightly or taken it my stride.

It makes them wonder and the fact of the matter is that it makes me wonder too.

No! not their commentaries or interest though its quite wonderful to know that you are thought about and discussed so much, yet what makes me wonder is that this so called strong and resilient attitude comes to me in the natural course of things. I draw on this will to live from an inherent source not having to do any special digging in my heart's resources or soul searching

How it developed, this attitude or this quality to face life head on, I am not sure. Definitely upbringing; therefore parents had a big part to play and thank God for them. Then schooling, the lovely teachers and friends, and experiences also moulded it. It's in my make-up. It comes out naturally in difficult circumstances. A manufacturing defect - as Raman used to say.

Life goes on! I am me first in addition to being a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law and so on. I value my existence, in fact I prize it.  I have loved these roles and still do but then i love myself too. I love myself more because I have gained and been able to retain this confidence after a turbulent, still very difficult but enriching life.

Love, the memories of it, still flood my nights and solitary moments but if I get weighed down by them how will I go on. They are my happy treasure and I preserve them in the deepest folds of my being. But I cant afford to be shocked and helpless all the time. I cant let my life drown in a deluge of unhappiness and tears. That would be the most unworthy tribute to a man who always encouraged me to be my own woman and blossom.

So here I am smiling, working and moving on not because I am strong, solid, resilient, frigid or cold but just because I am.

P.S : To those whom this bothers I offer no explanations or justification because I have none.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ugly Voids

Promises meant to be broken
Words not meant only spoken

Intentions only expressed
Intended to be unfulfilled

Love has dried down
Rendering hearts frozen

The minds more shallow
The world a bit more hollow

Now things fill the empty spaces
Like ugly blotches on pretty faces