Monday, April 2, 2018

Belonging #B, #AtoZChallenge

No , she doesn’t own the house
Not the one she was born in
It’s her home but not her house
They said she will have her’s soon

But turns out, that too isn’t her house
She is the home maker yet
It’s his house, he owns it
Now he is dead and she is out

The farm she tills till her back breaks
The house she runs and slogs over
The shop she helps in, morning to evening
Nothing is hers, she doesn’t own it

This poem above is the story of women all over the world.

Inheritance and property rights give women the power and agency to assert themselves.  In a 2012 poll of gender specialists around the world, India was voted the worst G20 country in which to be a woman. It was ranked worse than Saudi Arabia, where women can’t legally drive and were only allowed to vote for the first time in 2015. (
 It’s important that not just laws but custom and social practices are also scrutinised and change be brought about to truly empower women all over the world.
The homes they are born in and build should also belong to them