Saturday, September 13, 2014

Many People, Many Meetings

Random people,
Different meetings
Some concurrent
Some disparate
Having made love,
Having broken up

Have you deceived them?
Yes , you did
Cant be justified
You let life lead you
Without restraint
Without remorse

Are you guilty?
To One I think
The one who truly loved you
Rest don’t deserve a thought
You lived in the moment
Just the way they did

Is it a good score then?
Why not :tis good enough
So many betrayals
So many blows
It was just enough
That I let them go

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Chimera

Beckoning , enticing, begins the chase
Beguiling, fooling, a charm is spun
Enveloping, enfolding in an opium-cloud
Tightening , trapping  in its vice grip

Raising its monster-head, engulfs
Hissing its fiery breath, scalds
Brushing with its scaly tail, bruises
Love is a Chimera it devours