Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Cherry Tree - by the French Window

 White-pink blossoms
On soft dewy grass
The warm wooden seat
By the glowing fire place

Sour-sweet cherry preserve
On hot baked bread
 Juicy golden apples
With fresh brewed coffee

The long French window
Enveloped with Cherry branches
The bright orange sun bathing
A lush forest brighter

The vintage pocket radio
Playing bygone sweet melodies
The musty smell of old books
With yellow dog-eared pages

My sweet pleasures as a child
Come haunting in my dreams
I wake up to the steely city and
The cacophony of the grey jungle

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Zealot Readers: Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai by Rishi Vohra

Zealot Readers: Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai by Rishi Vohra: Title: Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai Author: Rishi Vohra Publishers: Jaico Publishing house Genre: Romantic Fiction The cover i...

Friday, October 25, 2013

My Treasure Trove

It is my private pain,
Like the blood in my veins
Just my own, my very own
The single silent cry is
Like the shrill down my spine
No one’s business but my own

The dry lonely tears that
 I don’t need to wipe away
Are mine own, no one else’s

Share it ;  I can’t, it refuses 
When I want to, it warns me
I am your own, just yours

"Don’t make me common", it says
"You will lose your treasure trove
I am rare and I am your own

Like the pleasure, my precursor
I bring to you a new world
That is yours, only yours!"

I accept and preserve it and
Let it pervade my body my soul
And make it my own forever.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Deluge

Yes I cried today
I do that all the time
These tears refuse to dry up
They well up at their own will
Stop! I tell them, brushing away
With the back of my hand

Stop! I tell them
You help me lighten up and forget
I want to hold this angst deep in me
I want the heat to burn in my heart
And cleanse my body, my soul,
Like the holy yagna fire

Stop! I tell them
You drown my Self in the deluge
I don’t want to pity me again
I want to find my spine again
You drag me back, you weaken me
Like a wet rope around my ankles

Stop! I tell them
You hinder my journey
I want to rediscover my inner child
I want to laugh, run and shout again
But they still flow, these tears

Stop- they won’t till my eyes are red!