Monday, June 13, 2022

I Know

You did go, I know
I saw you wave goodbye
Then leap into the sky
My eyes were closed, yet
I know you left, you did go

They brought you home
Quiet, I saw I cried 
I saw you rise into the air
Burning on that sandalwood 
I am sure you left, you did go

I see you everyday
In the blue sky waving 
In the raindrops smiling
I hear you whisper our songs
And so I know you didn't go! 

Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Clouds

Playing hide & seek with the sun
Across the evening sky they float
A grey and white medley in cotton
Damsels dancing on a blue road

I watch them move gently past
Wondering if they will come across
The ones I have loved and lost
In this life's wretched course

Have the clouds ever moved you
Swimming in the blue grey expanse
Wishing upon them to take my soul
To see them by happenstance



It's buried deep, the loss
But the thorn still bristles
When memory chooses
To bring it back to me
On days such as this
When all that is lost
Decides to be found 
And Jolts my numb soul
The loss surfaces and
My wounds open up
The tears are dried up
A flood drowns me within