Tuesday, November 14, 2017

When You Leave

When you leave
I lie down where you
Had just slept and the
Creases caress my mind
And soothe my aching body

When you leave
I wrap my hands around
My lonely curves dreaming
Of one more whispering night
And your mumbled endearment

As soon as you leave
I start circling the weekends
In my mind's eternal calendar
For a day of love which frees me
From this eternal prison of locked minds

Friday, October 27, 2017

A Woman

He told me that I am not anything
If I am not a woman
But I am a woman ,I said
I have a vagina, two breasts

No, you are not
You have a mind of your own
That’s the anomaly
You reason, You speak
You are not submissive
You are not helpless
You are not dependent
How can you be a woman?

I am  very much a woman
I am my own self,
How God intended
Not how you want to mend it

The woman whose mind you fear
Whose reason you know is better
Whose voice much powerful
Whom you have to fetter
Or else she will rise above
And drown you in her deluge
You have to use your brute strength
How else will you have the woman?