Sunday, June 12, 2016

Just Yet

Let's curl up on the sofa
Hook our arms together
My head on your shoulder
Eyes half closed half open
Let the kettle boil and sing
I don't want to stir just yet

Let's sit in the balcony
Count the stars in the sky
Wine glasses in our hands
Half empty and half full
Let the breeze kiss our lips
I don't want to sleep just yet

Let's sleep on this morning,
My body cocooned in yours 
Our feet together toes touching
Your breath on my face and hair
Dreams dreamt and undreamt
I don't want to wake up just yet

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Of Love and Life

Thoughts that I never thought
Would come to my mind
Smiles that I had lost
To the depths of eternity
Love that I had locked away
With memories in an old box

All return like His grace
A potent life giving force
A light that eternally brightened
The darkest nooks of my heart
Restored the love that I had lost
And the faith that I had given up on

Life took me to many places
But the corner of my heart
Which sought the balm of love
Was most often barren and dark
Now I have come to a magic land
And the sparkle in my eyes says yes