Friday, October 31, 2014

Of God

All Gods invoked
All worshipped
Without asking why?

Does that bring peace
Or a bit of solace
Not even an inkling

My God resides with me
My own soul and mind
That can only bring peace

He dwells in my spirit
Fills my heart with eternity
My harbinger of strength

PS : All the diwali/Pooja fervour watched with a detached almost dejected heart this year brought ne to closer to this spirit in myself)

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Spider

I had wanted to shake it off,
But it has me in its web again
The life-spider spinning its cast
Throwing the silk on me unknown
Shrouding me in its deluding hues
Making me its next unwitting victim

But deep within this worldly web
dwells your light in my central core
washing me aglow and saving my soul
I live in your umbrage lighted from inside
Your voice, your touch, your thoughts
in an everlasting symbiosis,defying the spider