Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Infidelity #I, #AtoZChallenge

(Today I present a micro story. A micro story is a subset of flash fiction, a super short story in about 300 words. It still has all the story elements.) 

Amrita had it all planned. They were going to Goa for their anniversary as soon as Arun was back. Coming back they had parties lined up. It was going to be another busy but enjoyable  leave tenure for Arun. They were going to be together all the time. She hoped he liked the planning. She was so blissfully unaware of the havoc she was creating.

Arun was tired and wanted to rest. He didn’t even meet the kids properly. They were off to grandma’s. He didn’t get to spend time with his parents. Goa was hectic too. She was so dominating and demanding. He had loved her so much once. She was pretty and smart. He felt that he had the world at his feet. He didn’t know how things had come to this stage that he didn’t even want to look or speak to her. Many times he didn’t feel like coming home after his tenure at the rig was over.

Roma seemed like a whiff of perfume to his otherwise stinking life. She was happy, modern and lovely.  She was Amrita's best friend. Their children had grown up together. They celebrated everything together.  Even their respective marriages were going through the same cycle.

She had no demands only asking for his time, which he had plenty. He liked her verve and laughter. He called, they spoke. They walked with each other. Discussed music and literature. They had their secret pleasures. Each other’s presence made things tolerable now. They had discovered a special joy in this friendship. Life, marriages and the routine became tolerable.

That phone call on the landline made all hell break loose. Her husband heard them and beat her. He told Amrita. She was hysterical.

They both kept saying they were only friends but infidelity has no definitions.

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