Friday, April 8, 2016

Forgotten #AtoZ challenge #F

From the same tree born 
From the same seed grown 
One given all shade and nurtured
Other left to languish deserted
A shallow reason they had
You won’t carry our name, they said 

That was an excuse so flimsy
They always were in the sway
Of partisan mindset and thought
That taught them to discriminate 
Should they be forgiven again as ever?
And then perhaps be forgotten forever?

On the eve of the great 9 day Indian festival where the female form of God will be worshiped and her designated corporal forms, the kanyas or virgin girls will be venerated for eight days I feel uneasy. Such a paradox for a society which does not respect its women in the normal social milieu. I am not berating the ritual of kanya pujan but then girls should always be viewed with respect and cherished, why just 9 days twice a year?

Parents dont give daughters their right to education and property. Husbands mistreat wives. widows have no place in the social structure, they are simply persona non-grata. Women themselves abuse and exploit other women. Girls are trafficked, sexually exploited and tortured. Rapes are on the rise and dignity of all women at stake. Female infanticide and foeticide are menaces which we haven't been able to curb despite grave efforts.

Equality for the girl child and not episodic elevation to Goddess status is what is the need of the hour.
A change in mentality, an approach supported by effective laws and their implementation is the need of the hour and as always it would first begin with family, the first unit of socialisation. We don't need pseudo-feminist here who educate their daughters and buy them beautiful dresses, we need people who will educate their children so that they get rid of the society of its bias towards men and male gender by educating their children and specially men. Pink and blue, Barbie and Batman, Dolls and toy guns, Kitchen and playhouse....lets remove the signs...