Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Drama #AtoZ challenge # D

People indulge in lots of it and I find it futile except when it is the literary kind. I get exhilarated by Shakespeare, Marlowe and Shaw but the usual family or couple dramas, reel or real, God Save Me! I tend to switch off and shift my attention to something more informative. 
These days even news has drama.  Certain journalists think they are film actors spouting innate emotional phrases or political leaders shouting nationalist dialogues. Why do people indulge in such useless pursuits is something I fail to understand.

I have tried to analyse various situations and come to the conclusion that it’s either guilt we try to assuage or be righteous. Also sometimes it is the fear of losing a loved one after we have committed a mistake that we presume may have repercussions.

We are social people, we thrive on relationships and they make or mar us. Why don’t we come clean and be truthful in our closest relationships; either because we are afraid to lose them or they become frustrating. Wouldn’t it be less hurtful if a spouse came up clean on cheating episodes and asked for forgiveness (in that case first they should decide whether they want to keep up the pattern or be faithful) rather than calling the cheated upon spouse names and blaming them for  something they hadn’t done?  Again Wouldnt it be saving the situation if different generations in a family sat down together and resolved various family issues and came over generation gaps. We do that in our work scenarios, we deliberately avoid conflict and sullen faces till the situation gets out of hand. We even tend to resolve the situation by negotiating and without raising our voices because we know that our livelihood is at stake. Yet at home or during social situations we lose our cool and indulge in this drama because we take them for granted.

Drama should be kept for movies and stage. Relationships are tender and precious , drama is not a genre for them, meaningful communication is a better tool. A warm hug, a nod of  understanding, a loving look, a friendly smile and things get better!!!!

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