Thursday, April 7, 2016

Expression #E #Atoz challenge

My poems are words

Which meant for someone

The whole world reads

And I only hope they reach

That soul's cosmic realms

When they beat in human 

Creative expression primarily and emotional expression, both are necessary for lightening the burdens of your mind. I love expressing myself through my writing; poetry primarily. Not expressing myself at the right time has caused havoc in life so many times that now I wouldn’t let an opportunity pass. However it does not mean that I have learnt to express hurt. I can express anger but hurt still flows with silent tears. I am still learning to say something when I am hurt instead of going quiet.
Songs, poems, lyrics and music are a superb way of expressing yourself. Its important that you tell others what you feel. Lack of expression and articulation leads to suppressed emotions and that leads to depression. When Raman passed away I couldn’t express myself for some time. Probably that was why I was fainting repeatedly on his funeral yet my poems have given me the strength and fortitude to face the ordeal and chin up.

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