Friday, April 1, 2016

April #AtoZchallenge, #musings

A fine day in April
Spring heralded itself exclusive
A tender pink was all I saw
Like the trees on my city roads

The burning sun lost its fire
An orange moon grew pale-gold
The hot air cooled, becoming balmy
From somewhere song birds sang

The embrace of eternal love and
A lost soul found its other half
A long sought union of hearts and
Life became eternal spring

Shakespeare once said that April puts life-spirit in everything. My life has a special connection with this month. One of the days in the month had always been special but not ever celebrated now I feel like celebrating it every year. The beautiful city I live in transforms into a colour riot as soon as Ides of March takes a turn. The Amaltas blooms bright yellow and purple, the rose garden is full of colours, the trees are verdant and by April it is in full bloom.
Similarly my life too has taken a fresh turn in this month; life for me this time around started a new lease in March and is in full bloom by April. It is going to be a long voyage but the beginning is auspicious and full of hope and love. Doubts are plenty but not portentous enough to mar a beautiful ride. Sometimes perhaps the journey itself is more important than the destination.

It’s a beautiful time of transformations, changes and laughter. Once in April someone had given me Myself back and taught me how to live. Today I feel I am cut out for the role. Love is the prime reason, it brings that life-sprit to my ravished body and soul. A nourished soul gives out love and laughter and the life’s sharp edges get sand-papered. This April has given me that life-spirit, that hope, that love and laughter. A manna from the heavens and and as Keats said.. “An eternal fountain of immortal drink”