Saturday, May 24, 2014


I once had fire in me, all had seen it
Yes it had made me aglow with hope
It had burnt in me, fueled my soul
to surge high, like a hot-air balloon

Then your love, my ultimate folly
smothered it down, put it out
My heart grew soft and green
A lovely bloom there bloomed

Your disdain re-kindled the smoulder
Like the earth I trembled and settled
time and again,from my unseen wounds
my blood lava flowed and spluttered

The fire still glows unseen
It now burns me within, my veins glow
It is vaulted in my core, I am volcanic
One day when it erupts and annihilates me

Don't act foolish and touch me
Presume that I am harmless still
My body though would be cold and white
still I know your fingers it will surely scald

Don't light my pyre, beware, I forbid you
It wont burn if you do, wont catch fire
Let my only flower do the onerous task
and let him blow my ashes into the air.