Monday, March 19, 2018

Conversations Galore #AtoZChallenge

#ATOZChallenge #ThemeReveal

My first wholehearted attempt this year at the A-Z challenge and I have decided a theme which isn’t at all unique but is nonetheless a burning one.

Women and their Relationships

Women and their relationships: with themselves, their significant others, their children, families, there work and nature. It goes without saying that it will be mainly in context of Indian Women ( Women around me, known to me and women I have been able to observe and maybe sometimes about myself)

Women around the world have come a long way, still there’s a longer way to go. Within this struggle we have always held on to our traditional roles while making new roles our own. 
This juxtaposition and the changes it has brought about as well as the changes still needed, will be the main ideas I would be dealing with.

Posts may be in the form of poems, stories or just an article. The style may be satiric, romantic and even humorous but always with a feminist bias.

So wish you happy reading and blogging dear fellow bloggers, my followers and general reader. I will consider this exercise successful if it impacts even a single person.

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