Monday, December 14, 2015

10 Important Life Realisations

I always knew it but had forgotten in the insecure atmosphere of last 1-1/2 year.
  1. It's OK to have less... 

    Spend less. Happiness is not directly proportional to your pay check. It's directly proportional to spending time with your loved ones.
  2. Its OK to wear again what you have worn earlier. 

    No body pays attention to what brands you are wearing, It's important to be neat, clean and decently put together.  We wear just a few favorite clothes, fewer pieces of jewellery, a few pairs of shoes, and still fewer handbags
  3. Wholesome homemade food is good food. 

    Eating out should be restricted.It reflects, adversely, on your health not on your status.
  4. Live the way you want to.

    No one is impressed by what car you are driving and what house you are living in They are all busy with their own things and if someone does they are not your kind of people.
  5. Love yourself.Follow your heart. 

    You live only once. Live it up!
  6. Cultivate a hobby.

     Learn to play an instrument, paint, cycle or whatever you have always wanted to do. It helps you get i touch with your inner self and that is enlightening.
  7. Learn to dance

    It liberates you, gives you a sense of peace, coordination, balance and exercises your body and mind
  8. Read books.

    They bring the world to your table. Nothing more needs to be said yet they give you a vision, a broader perspective and sometimes lessons that last a life-time
  9. Travel to broaden your horizon.

    On travel, there are beautiful untouched places in our own country and we travel for our relaxation and exploration not to impress others.
  10. Be there .

    For the people in your life Your parents, children,siblings,friends and those who have less than you have. Dignity and respect comes from being there and being good when you are needed.