Saturday, August 9, 2014

Unexpected Gestures

Yesterday at a high end cafe we, my son and I had a different kind of experience. No charm if I don't spin a story around it! So let's begin from the beginning now.It was a forced holiday as we were both in a bit of blues. All day mother and son had been planning an outing. Somehow it didn't workout.
After I picked him from his coaching we went to a mall where he wanted to have a really nice pastry. So we chose this really nice cafe - or Kaffe as it was mentioned on the exclusive menu. It was a lovely place, courteous staff, lots of beautiful flowers and nicely arranged lighting and tables. We were seduced and decided to sit down and eat. 

I really liked the pineapple and mint infused drinking water they served. As we ate we were both chatting about the people around and how the same people whom we had met and had a tiff with at the parking lot a bit earlier had just walked in. 
We had till then failed to notice a burly young man sitting next to our table.I had glanced back and had noticed him being served with beer and peanuts and I was a bit perturbed that I had brought my fifteen year old to a place where beer was being served. But in all truthfulness had failed to even look at the man who was drinking the beer.

Now one cheesecake confection wouldn't really satisfy a fifteen year old lad, would it? So one more was ordered despite my frowning at the unnecessary indulgence. Now I noticed that we were being watched so I kind of threw a courteous smile at our neighbour. He only nodded back and kept on staring. Now I was a bit more disturbed and apprehensive. So we asked for the bill and I started rummaging through my wallet.

Just then the neighbour spoke up," Excuse me!" He said, we were both startled and looked at him directly. " If you don't mind could I please have the pleasure to pay your bill" We were simply taken aback. "No thanks" I answered curtly.
"No I insist. Its not out of any kindness but only love." He said. "Here we go again!" I thought,"Another suitor". 
His next line gave my just bolstered ego a rude shock. "Your son reminds me of my younger brother" he said. " I have come to India from US for two months and am all alone here". 

I was left speechless and just didn't have the heart to act self-sufficient in face of this beautifully unexpected gesture. We thanked him and the waiter took our bill to his table. Exchanging numbers we left him in his solitude. 

Never in my almost 40 year old life had I experienced this and I guess I wont even in the next 40 ; if I live to being that old but it did change something in me. I had given up on little gestures and kindnesses, forgetting to carry them out them as I had not experienced the same from anyone in a long time. This one incident restored my faith and I renewed my scout and guides promise to do one good deed a day.

P.S.: If thats how they treat you in the US of A then its definitely a place worth going to!!