Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On love

Valentines  Day is around the corner. The markets and the media are going crazy over Rose day, propose day, chocolate day, teddy day and many more. The poor consumers - in this case - young boys and girls getting conned by this magnificent marketing racket in which the ultimate gain is of all these companies which sell the various gifts and cards.

Red and pink flowers are selling like no other time of the year. Teddy bears and soft toys are moving off the shelves where they otherwise remain seated through out the season. Cards and gifts galleries are overflowing   with articles of no practical use.

Its sweet to celebrate love and even a day designated  for it is a great idea. We did it too, we also brought a card, a nice gift and met our dates on 14th Feb. Some even threw in a pack of chocolate also but the euphoria was limited to just that day. In the last fifteen years the Valentine Day has expanded into a the Valentine week. Its laughable.

A very simple ploy by the gifts and cards companies has revolutionised the market for them. I think the budget of the young people must be of the same magnitude as that of the corporates houses on Diwali. And God save those who have to satisfy more than one girlfriend or boyfriend.It must be such stress to keep up with the crowd! Getting the days right first of all. The week calendar would have to be noted down carefully...

February 7   : Rose Day
February 8   : Propose Day
February 9   : Chocolate DayFebruary 10 : Teddy Day
February 12 : Kiss Day
February 13 : Hug Day
February 11 : Promise Day
February 14 : Valentine Day

Then getting an appropriate present along with the appropriate couplet on probably a nice big card each day! What a pleasant exercise!!Do they then get to express the real, genuine feelings - if they harbour any in the first place. I wonder if the genuine flow of feeling even surfaces in this sea of commercialisation. 

A sweet gesture, a nice present and spending time together used to be our aim when we met our love on the coveted day. Love was the overflowing item not gifts and pockets.

A quiet dinner and a nice gift will suffice this year too. I hope my valentine doesnt expect me to give him a rose bouquet, a chocolate hamper, propose with jewellery, and a teddy would be definitely ridiculous!!!!

A promise of ever lasting love and mutual love and lots of kisses and hugs can be given anyday of the year without the frills attached. 

One Valentine day is enough as the day of love!!