Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Deluge

Yes I cried today
I do that all the time
These tears refuse to dry up
They well up at their own will
Stop! I tell them, brushing away
With the back of my hand

Stop! I tell them
You help me lighten up and forget
I want to hold this angst deep in me
I want the heat to burn in my heart
And cleanse my body, my soul,
Like the holy yagna fire

Stop! I tell them
You drown my Self in the deluge
I don’t want to pity me again
I want to find my spine again
You drag me back, you weaken me
Like a wet rope around my ankles

Stop! I tell them
You hinder my journey
I want to rediscover my inner child
I want to laugh, run and shout again
But they still flow, these tears

Stop- they won’t till my eyes are red!

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