Sunday, January 13, 2013

Single Child and Siblings

I have a single child. We took the decision when he was about to be born that we shall not have another baby be it a boy or a girl.
We were not just being modern, it was a practical decision. We felt that we were starting out and being responsible for the life we were bringing into the world, we should be able to provide well for him. Having another child to share would be too much.

Five years passed peacefully but then the familial pressure to have another baby started. We didn't succumb to the emotional blackmail. So at the end of 16 years of marriage, we are the proud parents of a wonderful boy.

Yesterday my belief that its no use to have siblings was restored. In fact it was reinforced.
Siblings, be it any sex and age become husbands/wives and parents and then it all changes. Your priorities and circumstances change the way you once regarded your own brother/sister. Ego the blasted virtue comes to the fore, one fights and in some cases even turn the very people whom you grew up with out of the house ; even take their lives. Insult, abuse and backstabbing for parental property are common.  They chose to remain unaware of your problems only thinking about their own issues and judging your behaviour accordingly. 

The belief that only a family will come to your rescue in troubled times, is also in my opinion, a folly. In today's material world the only thing of value is money...You are looked up-to only if you are making some and respected only if you are able to dole out some. Dole out some more and you will find many eager souls vying with each other to help you.

I thank God and my father for making me stick to my belief that a single child is the best option.I will not be forced to choose between my own children and he will never feel let down by his parents or the non-existent siblings.

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